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Beauty, H20 & Nerf Ball

Cindy Joseph & Boom


Quite frankly, we don’t know which is more Buzzwothy—the inventor or the product. We’ll say both. Cindy Boom is a 64 year old make-up artist turned super model. She is also the creator and CEO of Boom by Cindy Joseph, the first pro­-agecosmetic line.

The fact is, she is spearheading the Pro-age Revolution, a movement of women who are interested in shifting our anti-agist society to pro-age. She also speaks on many subjects in her compelling and entertaining video blog, Saturdays with Cindy. You can read more about her here at

“The whole idea of less is more, that women shouldn’t be slaves to dozens of makeup products, is what I really believe in,” said Cindy Joseph, who’s pared down her own cosmetics kit to just a few items. Three of them are from her new line of multiple-use cream sticks called Boom.

The products come in identical chubby white tubes that fit in the palm of your hand. There’s a sheer berry for cheeks, brow bone, eyes, lips, forehead and neck; a sheer iridescent champagne for the inner corner of the eye, cheekbones, shoulders, decollete; and an olive oil and beeswax moisturizer for lips, cuticles and around the eyes.  We found them easy to apply, provide definition and glow, and never look dry or overdone. We particularly like the Glimmer for eyelids and the Color for cheeks. They are $27 each and sold only on her website.

 The Oxygen Buzz Fountain of Youth Beauty Regimen


We love Cindy Joseph’s realistic movement to embrace pro-aging beauty products, but if you really want to try the only beauty regime you’ll ever need, take this advice from Audrey Hepburn.

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”
Audrey Hepburn

Pacifica: Stress and Anxiety Reducing App

Have some stress in your life? Anxiety?  Depression? Is it getting in the way of you living your life? Well, meet Pacifica.  It’s a handy new app (iPhone and iPad only) that encourages users to perform stress-reducing exercises. Pacifica gives you psychologist-designed tools to address your stress and anxiety based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness meditation, relaxation, and mood/health tracking. This app helps those who struggle with anxiety by reminding them to take care of themselves. Who couldn’t use a little more of that?

After all, the science makes sense. Stress, anxiety, and depression are caused by an ongoing cycle of negative thoughts. Thoughts cause physical feelings and emotions which cause actions. Pacifica helps break this cycle using tools that target each of its components. Day-by-day, you’ll learn to manage stress, anxiety, and depression at your own pace. As the company says, “We’re not about quick-fixes or false promises. We are about real progress, a day at a time.”

#1 – BuzzFeed’s Amazing Apps For Anyone Living With Anxiety
#1 – Forbes’ 4 Technologies Innovating in Mental Health

Available here in the app store

The New Beautiful


Speaking of beautiful, check out this post from our
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The New Beautiful
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Drink Infused Water

We all know that drinking plenty of water is one of the healthiest choices we can make. It regulates temperature, helps with food digestion, promotes proper blood circulation, and does wonders for our skin.  But to drink more water we need to make drinking it more enjoyable, which is why we should all put a little pop into our H2O, otherwise known as infusing water with the essence of fruits, herbs, and other botanicals. It gives you all the benefits of liquid goodness without the downside of excess calories, sugars, and artificial flavorings.

To get started, choose organic ingredients when you can, and make sure to wash produce to remove chemicals and other residues. According to our friends at All Recipe, “softer fruits like citrus and strawberries can be sliced thick, thin, halved, or quartered. Harder fruits like apples should be sliced very thinly because they take longer to release flavors.

They also recommend you infuse water at room temperature for no more than 2 hours. After that, put it in the fridge to prevent bacterial growth. If you don’t drink the water within 24 hours, strain out the solids and refrigerate for up to 3 days. To keep sipping all day long, refill your infused water container when it’s half full. It will be weaker than your first drink, but still flavorful.

Of course, any simple glass will do just fine, you can always splurge on one of those infusing pitchers and bottles. Here is one we like:

Asobu Water Bottle Infuser

This is BPA free water bottle infuser is elegantly designed, lightweight, and it holds the perfect amount of water. It comes in five vibrant colors (comes in green, yellow, red, blue and smoke)

Available on Amazon.


Nerf Elite 2-in-1 Demolisher Nerf Gun

This semi-automatic assault rifle with a 10-dart clip and a bonus under barrel grenade launcher is exactly what you need to fight the ravages of age.

Political correctness aside, you’re never too old for a little nerf war. It uses four AA batteries to drive a pair of flywheels which spit out a dart each time you pull the trigger. And it’s noisy as hell, so turn off your hearing aids.

Hasbro says it’s perfect for an eight year old, which makes us like it even more.  Available on Amazon.

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