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14 Ways To Start Living A Magical Second Half of Life

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Turning Age Into Art

The Bungee Jump Experiment

The Bungee Jump Experiment

The Bungee Jump Experiment

Start Something Without Knowing Where You’re Headed

Sometimes a grand life needs a grand gesture. Like skydiving. Or bungee jumping. Or running nude around the bases at Dodger Stadium. But don’t worry if you’re afraid of heights or don’t have a body for streaking, any proverbial jump in the deep end will do….

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The Crescent Moon Experiment

The Crescent Moon Experiment

The Crescent Moon Experiment

Take Time to Daydream

When was the last time you had yourself a nice day-dream, one that didn’t revolve around a bottle of wine and half an Ambien, or you imagining how generous you’ll be with all your lotto winnings. Daydreaming in its noblest form is the art of doing nothing. It’s letting the mind wander and feet aimlessly stroll with nowhere to go and nothing to do.

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Our Mission

Age is not a resignation, but a rallying cry to reinvent...a quest to live the next chapter of life with the same gusto as the first. To turn age into art. Welcome to the journey.

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“ The world is full of people who have never, since childhood, met an open doorway with an open mind. ”
— E.B. White

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