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As part of our mission to help the over 50 crowd bring meaning and purpose to their lives, we also strive to help companies and organizations, both small and large, communicate in a more authentic and meaningful way to their own 50+ community.

The fact is, turning “age into art” is probably the most valuable tool you can offer your employees and the customers you aim to serve. It’s not just good business. It’s good living. A win-win for everybody. And, quite frankly, over 100 million men and women are waiting for you to lead the way.

And we want to help.

You could say we offer an attitude adjustment—a new approach to living and working in the post-50 world. Not lowering the bar or settling for less—but shifting gears to achieve goals differently and in a much more impactful way.

Through our writing and branding services, as well as our customized seminars and workshops, we help your employees and customers embrace the art of aging, showing them a clear and attainable pathway to find meaning, purpose, and health in the second half of their lives.


What Can We Do For You?

Writing and Messaging Services

Craft authentic and empowering messages that connect your product or service to your audience's intrinsic need to bring meaning and joy to their lives—also known as turning age into art.

Branding and Marketing Services

Build and strengthen your organizations brand so that you inspire employees and customers alike—generating trust, improving loyalty, and growing your business.

Customized Seminars, Workshops, and Retreats

Provide the tools, resources, and inspiration to unearth the hidden potential of your workforce—the impact that arises when purpose meets joy.

Individual & Small Group Classes

Offer in-person and digital courses to help you sleep better, stay fit, become mindful, unleash your creativity, strengthen your mind, find your purpose, and, if we’re doing our job correctly, keep you flossing your teeth every day. Soon to be offering entrepreneurial boot camps for those seeking new career paths in the second half of life.

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